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Smith’s three autobiographical books detail his growing up in Iowa during the 1920’s Great Depression and experiencing the following:

landing on Omaha Beach in 1944 and becoming one of General Dwight D. Eisenhower’s adjutant general’s chief clerks in Reims, France, from 1944 to the end of the war in 1945

graduating with a B. A. from the University of Iowa and with an M. A. in 1949 from Columbia University

being one of the first of John Dewey-inspired  “progressive education” teachers, working at Bentley School in Manhattan (1950-1954), Teachers College in Manhattan (1961 - 1962), and New Canaan High School in Connecticut (1954 - 1968)

being the book review editor of The Humanist in the 1950s, a book reviewer for Library Journal, and under the name Lvcretius founding the Hvmanist Book Clvb

having two paramours:  co-founder of Variety Recording Studio Fernando Vargas (1948  - 1989) and 3-time Tony Award nominee Gilbert Price (1964 - 1991)

being “adopted” during World War II by Commandant René Picard and his Reims, France, family (calling me Jacques-François Picard); and by two girls and six boys (calling me their surrogate  dad)

Founding a mutual fund’s management corporation (Taursa), a Manhattan recording studio, and a free research website called Philosopedia

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